Our Horses

The horses in our program are very special. They are chosen for their character, disposition and the benefits they can offer our riders. Horses must be calm and patient, well trained and easy to ride. Size is also an important consideration when trying to select horses for RTRA. The ideal therapy horse is between 14 and 15.2 hh. Of utmost importance is soundness and good health. The riders in our program look forward to their rides each week and our horses must be ready to work both physically and mentally. They must be able to be happy in their work if they are to be successful “therapists” to our riders.

If you are looking to place a horse you feel would be suitable for our program, please contact us. There are times that we may be looking for an addition to our herd or we may need to replace one of our invaluable partners who may be ready to begin a new life of retirement.

Our current team of Equine Therapists


IR is a 26 year old thoroughbred gelding purchased by RTRA with the generous assistance of BMO. IR is great at adjusting himself to the riders abilities.


Copper is a 19 year old Haflinger gelding. He is incredibly cute, very sweet and is a favourite of the kids because of all his blonde hair.


Dusti is a 21 year old Fjord mare. Dusti is very sweet, brave and loves the attention her mohawk brings her.


Belle is 17 year old Palomino Quarter Horse who joined our program in the Winter of 2018. She is a sweetheart who loves kids.


Misk is a 20 year old mare. She is very easy going and loves attention from all the volunteers and riders.

With our special thanks for their years of service – The RTRA Retirees

Snow White – Retired Sept 2018

Even though Snow White wasn’t with us long, we will miss her kind heart and cuddly personality.  She will be happy in the interior with her new family.

Eva – Retired June 2016

Eva has moved on to do jumping in Pitt Meadows with Connor Dennis

Klaske – Retired March 2016

Klaske joined the program in August of 2014 by the wonderful generosity of the Flemming Family.  Many thanks to  the Flemming Family for allowing her to be with us, she will be missed by many!

Victor – Retired August 2014

Victor joined the team in 2008. He is a 21 year old quarter horse gelding with a wonderful personality. Victor was purchased with funds that were generously donated by Ronald McDonald House Charities. Victor has a higher level of training and is suitable for many of our riders who are developing their riding skills.

Shay – Retired June 20, 2013

Shay is 23 year young arabian gelding that came to us from Sarah Kavanagh of Surrey, British Columbia in 2011.  Shay has gone back to one of his previous owners and will still have the odd teaching job to some small children learning to become horse persons.  Thank you.  You will be missed.

Dandy – Retired April 4, 2010
Dandy is a 26 year old Appaloosa gelding who worked in our program as an equine therapist for 9 years. He has recently retired to a new home with a well known dressage coach where he will be helping to raise a 6 year old girl and and an 8 year old boy. It’s a beautiful farm with lots of equine companions and pasture. Although we will miss him, it is great to see him so happy and we are thrilled that he has a new family who will be able to care for him so well through his senior years.

Ginny Weasley – Retired July 9, 2010

Ginny has moved on to a new home this summer. She will be loved and spoiled by the young girl and her family who have given her a great new home. We will miss you Ginny!

Benjamin or “Ben” – Retired August 2, 2010
Benjamin has retired this summer. In 9 years, he touched many lives and entertained us all with his huge personality, Ben has moved to green pastures in the Fraser Valley where he will enjoy his retirement and the company of his owner who leased him to us for many years.

Harley – Retired October 3, 2010

Harley was with us several years. Donated by Scott Vanjoff, he stole many hearts while he was with us. He has retired back home to the town of Creston where he came from. He has a home as a companion horse and is happy to be back home. We miss him!

Miss Kitty (Missy) – Retired March 29, 2011

Missy retired back to her home in south Surrey. We thank the Stevenson family very much for generously sharing such a wonderful mare with us. We will miss her.

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