Payments & Donations

Go Fund Me Campaign

During the holidays, the Richmond Therapeutic Riding Association lost one of our beloved horses, Xen.  Xen developed colic during the night and by morning, we had no option but to put her down.  The RTRA has 39 riders in our program and to be able to continue offering lessons to all these riders, we need another horse.  We do not want to cancel lessons, but we do not have enough horses to maintain all these riders.

Please consider a donation so can continue running our program for our very special kids.  Please click here for more information on our Go Fund Me Campaign.



Membership includes voting privileges at the RTRA Annual General Meeting (Fall) and T-Shirt.  Staff will be in touch when your membership payment is received to oder your T-Shirt.

Lesson Fees

Please enter # of units as quoted on your RTRA Invoice.


Please enter the dollar amount you wish to donate to RTRA.  You may choose an amount from the list below, or any amount of your choice.  All donations are greatly appreciated and will receive a Tax Receipt from our office.

Some costs associated with our program:

  • Complete care (board, farrier & health): $12,000.00 per year, per horse
  • Saddle: $3000.00ea
  • Farrier Care: $900.00 per year, per horse
  • Annual Health Check up and Dental Float by our Veterinarian: $500.00 per horse, per year
  • Western Pad and Surcingle Combo: $400.00ea
  • Leading Cavesson and Lead Rope for lessons: $300.00ea
  • Longden Grip (hard hand hold for safety): $200.00ea
  • Riding Helmets: $100.00ea
  • Rainbow Reins: $75.00ea
  • Transfer Belts: $65.00ea
  • Halter and Lead Rope: $50.00ea